Television Episode

WGR10958 - Discovering the Beauty of the Cross, Part 4


(Program 10958)
Guests: Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Do you recall the Via Dolorosa of Our Lord? That moment when He carried His cross through the streets of Jerusalem and up the hill to Calvary?

We can only imagine the intensity of the suffering He endured, the pain and travail that he experienced – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and yes, spiritually.
But notice something more. Jesus was not alone on His way of the Cross. God’s providence was in play and there were others who sojourned with Him to bring Him aid and relief, consolation and solace, encouragement and strength.

And so it is with us. The Father always provides for us in the midst of our suffering. And He sends others to assist us as well, to help us discover the beauty of the Cross. Guest Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle knows this to be true. And today she is going to tell us about it.

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