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Divine Mercy Counterfeit: The Grace Mercy Order

We have had numerous inquiries about a religious order based in Brazil known as the Grace Mercy Order which is promulgating alleged messages from Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph. Even though this order incorporates the Divine Mercy Chaplet into its activities, it is not a Catholic organization and does not reflect a Christian worldview.

The Grace Mercy Order calls itself “an autonomous Christian and ecumenical religious organization without formal ties to any institutionalized religion. It proposes a monastic life through the consecrated life, based on the teachings of Christ.”

Founded in 2009, the Order claims to “offer itself unconditionally as an instrument of Divine Work in communion with all human beings and the Kingdoms of Nature.” A few years later, it founded Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, which has its stated goal “to encourage formation of groups of prayer and to instruct them in an ecumenical and universal form of prayer.”

Two members of this order, and Sister Lucia de Jesus claim to be receiving messages from Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. Joseph. The group claims that Jesus called for the establishment of The Marathons of Divine Mercy which are special prayer events that take place on the 5th and 6th of every month, during which time he transmits messages.

“According to Christ Jesus, through the Marathons, through that simple act of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with the heart, He moves through the world to expand His merciful light,” the order claims.

However, even a cursory review of the messages these seers claim to be receiving from Jesus and Mary reveals a bizarre belief system that is not even remotely similar to the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

For example, alleged messages from Jesus refer to a “planetary Calvary and inner Armageddon of My children."

This “Jesus” also tells the world that “Impulses from the stars are emitted today to the souls of the Earth, impulses of light that will form the new beings so that they may take up their place within the Plan of Love.”

Even more outlandish is how the order refers to Mary as an “Ultraterrestrial Source of the Spiritual Universe” who was created by the “Creator Fathers” with contributions from each Archangel, “so that the Feminine Essence, which would emerge from the Creative Source, would come to Earth to begin as soul and divinity with Her special mission.” Thus, the existence of “the Consciousness of Mary, a simple mother of Nazareth, was the result of a divine and angelic experience that overcame all times.”

Equally disturbing are the Q&A sessions with a being who is alleging to be St. Joseph in which he answers people's questions. For example, one person asks what might help him "to transcend the inertia still existing in the bodies and become more open to transformation." St. Joseph supposedly tells him to "Trust in what the heart says to you and do not be afraid of followign pathways to which it conducts you, even if it seems to be craziness."

As impossible as it might seem, the same fuel that is feeding a new end-time message frenzy among Christians is propelling this organization’s rise to prominence. Thankfully, an alarmed reader contacted us to warn that Friar Elias’ messages “are all over YouTube.” This is no surprise, because the group runs a television station known as Misericordia Maria TV (Mercy Mary TV) which promulgates these erroneous messages around the world.

Needless to say, Catholics should steer clear of this organization and its alleged messages.

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