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Walking Barefoot and Essential Oils: Healing or Hype?

ML writes: "Many of my friends, suspicious of modern medicine, are turning to nutritional therapies including essential oils.  I dabbled in the New Age years ago, although the dabbling got me too close to the fire, so to speak.  As my faith life grew, and I began to abandon my New Age philosophies, I began to experience bizarre physical symptoms which I knew were spiritual in origin. Thanks to my wonderful, faithful husband, I got to a priest for deliverance prayer.

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Who is Amma The Hugging Saint?

Amma (Courtesy of Wikicommons Media, wikifrizbee CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED)

A listener of EWTN’s Wacky Wednesday radio show asked: “I was hoping you might be able to talk about a woman named Amma who is referred to as the ‘Hugging Saint’. She has a following of people and it seems like a cult. What can you tell us about her?”

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Dutch Study: Most Children Outgrow Gender Confusion

A new study from the University of Groningen has found that the majority of children who wished to belong to the opposite sex became comfortable with their biological sex by early adulthood – which means transgenderism among youth could be nothing more than a fad.

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Do Organs Have Emotional Energy?

LB writes: "I have a relative in my family who is a trained physical therapist. I have noticed that she talks about organs "having certain emotional energy" These energies give way to our illnesses in our bodies.  She has even been able to sense that a patient had an abortion years earlier, causing her uterus to retain the trauma inflicted to it.  Many people admire her ability to release this negative energy from her patients.  I worry that this seems very new age. In all other areas of her life she is an outstanding catholic. She has been trained in cranial sacral therapy, holistic healing, too. Any thoughts?"

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Easter Surprise: France & Belgium See Sharp Increase in Adult Baptisms

Interior of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (Photo courtesy of Wikicommons Images, Cezary Piwowarski, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED)

In spite of the dismal state of Christianity throughout Europe, new numbers out of France and Belgium are showing an unexpected sharp rise in the number of adolescent and adult baptisms during this Easter season.

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