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Former Scouts Confront Girl Scout CEO

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez is under fire once again by critics of her liberalized version of the Scouts for producing a video they say is full of disingenuous statements and outright fabrications - something they prove in a hard-hitting six minute rebuttal now available on YouTube.


According to Christy Volanski, a leader in the movement to rid the Girl Scouts of the pro-abortion and feminist ideologies that have been creeping into the group, says much of Ms. Chavez's comments are "misleading and deceitful."

"If you were ever a Girl Scout, you remember the Girl Scout Law requires a pledge to be honest and fair, and responsible for what we say and do. Ms. Chavez has clearly violated the Girl Scout Law's oath to honesty in this recent video," Volanski says.

For instance, Chavez claims that the scouts "are committed to serving God and our country." According to the rebuttal video, this is not true. New Girl Scout official guidelines suggest duty to God is optional.

Chavez also repeats the usual talking point about the Girls Scouts position regarding Planned Parenthood.

"We do not now nor have we ever had a relationship with Planned Parenthood," Chavez says.

As the rebuttal points out, this statement is blatantly false. The Girl Scout organization is made up of councils throughout the country and this level of the organization has a long and well-documented history of working with Planned Parenthood. As recently as 2004, former Girl Scouts CEO kathy Cloninger publicly confirmed that the Scouts have relationships with Planned Parenthood. In 2011, the organization confirmed that they allow local councils to partner with whoever they wish, including Planned Parenthood.

Chavez also neglects to mention that they are a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, an organization which has a working relationship with the International Planned Parenthood Federation to advance abortion rights.

In response to Ms. Chavez, concerned families worked together to create a rebuttal video, released by, to expose the deceit in the Girl Scout organization. An on-line documentation guide accompanies the video so parents can see for themselves the overwhelming evidence that statements made in Ms. Chavez' video are at best misleading and in some cases outright dishonest.

Anyone who is concerned about the direction the Girl Scouts has been taking in recent years is being encouraged to watch the video and share it with others "to expose the Girl Scouts continual and disturbing habit of their words not matching their actions," Volanski says.

"Our girls deserve better and families deserve to know that the Girl Scout organization is no longer the wholesome and venerable organization it once was."

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