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New Poll Finds 86 Percent of Americans Favoring Abortion Restrictions

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer A new poll has found that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of at least some restrictions on abortion, with significant majorities supporting conscience exemptions for health care workers and believing that religious leaders should play a key role in the abortion debate. The poll, commissioned by the Knights of Columbus and Marist Institute, was conducted by Moral Compass between May 28-31 and is based on a survey of 1,223 people. Among the key findings: - 86% of Americans would significantly restrict abortion - 60% of Americans would limit abortion to cases of rape, incest or the life of a mother -- or not allow it at all.   - 53% of Americans believe abortion does more harm than good to a woman in the long term. - 79% of Americans support conscience exemptions on abortion for health care workers. This includes 64% of those who identify as strongly pro-choice. - 69% of Americans think that it is appropriate for religious leaders to speak out on abortion. - 59% say religious leaders have a key role to play in the abortion debate. The poll also found that with the exception of non-practicing Catholics and men under 45, nearly every demographic group had shifted to the pro-life position, including liberals and independents. "The data shows that the American people are placing an ever increasing value on human life," said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. "Far from the great divide that most people think exists when it comes to the abortion debate, there is actually a great deal of common ground. "Most Americans are unhappy with the unrestricted access to abortion that is the legacy of Roe vs. Wade, and pundits and elected leaders should take note of the fact that agreement on abortion need not be limited to the fringes of the debate and issues like adoption or pre-natal care. The American people have reached a basic consensus, and that consensus is at odds with the legacy of Roe." © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®