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Parents Sue to Stop Chant to Aztec Gods in Schools

Three parents have filed a lawsuit against California’s Department of Education after discovering that a new ethnic studies curriculum includes a chant to Aztec gods.

The Christian Post is reporting on the lawsuit, which was filed on September 24 by the Thomas More Society on behalf of the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, individual taxpayers and former students, in order to have a section called “Affirmation, Chants, and Energizers” removed from the curriculum.

One of the affirmations is known as the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which invokes five Aztec deities. “Although labeled as an ‘affirmation,’ it addresses the deities both by name and by their traditional titles, recognizes them as sources of power and knowledge, invokes their assistance, and gives thanks to them. In short, it's a prayer,” the legal firm said in a statement shared with the Post.

“Our clients have both a religious and civic objection to the Aztec prayer, and they do not want their children chanting it, being asked or pressured to do so, or risking ostracism if they refuse,” said Paul Jonna, partner at LiMandri & Jonna LLP and Thomas More Society Special Counsel.

“The Aztecs regularly performed gruesome and horrific acts for the sole purpose of pacifying and appeasing the very beings that the prayers from the curriculum invoke,” Jonna continued. “The human sacrifice, cutting out of human hearts, flaying of victims and wearing their skin, are a matter of historical record, along with sacrifices of war prisoners, and other repulsive acts and ceremonies the Aztecs conducted to honor their deities. Any form of prayer and glorification of these bloodthirsty beings in whose name horrible atrocities were performed is repulsive to any reasonably informed observer.”

The Society’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order asks the court to prohibit the State of California, along with its educational entities and officers, “from authorizing, promoting, or permitting the use of Aztec prayers and the ‘Ashe’ chant in California’s public schools,” and requires the administration “to direct those under their authority not to use the Aztec prayer or ‘Ashe’ chant in public schools.”

The Ashe chant is also problematic. It is associated with the Yoruba religion and is described by this site as “‘the power to make things happen’ and also refers to the spiritual life force that flows through things, much like the Chinese concept of chi.” The chant can also be used to express agreement such as “Amen” in the Christian faith.

As Jonna said, “Our clients are not opposed to having students learn about different cultures and religions, including the practices of the Aztecs, but the California State Board of Education’s approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum goes far beyond that by directing students to pray to Aztec deities. This portion of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is not only offensive, but blatantly unconstitutional.”

Frank Xu, president of Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, agrees, and told the Post that the curriculum unequivocally promotes Aztec gods or deities through repetitive chanting and affirmation of their symbolic principles which “constitutes an unlawful government preference toward a particular religious practice.”

The Post goes on to report that the co-chair of the curriculum, R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, “developed much of the material cited throughout the lessons, in which Christians, specifically those of European ancestry, are viewed as the source of evil to be resisted and overthrown,” Post reporter Anugrah Kumar writes.

In a chart included in the curriculum, Cuauhtin argues that white Christians are guilty of “theocide” against indigenous tribes, the killing of their deities and replacing them with the Christian faith. According to investigative journalist Christopher Rufo, Cuauhtin’s ultimate goal is to engineer a “countergenocide” against whites.

Rufo warns: “California parents should be concerned. Under the guise of ‘equity’ and ‘empowerment,’ activists within the public education system have developed this radical new curriculum in order to transform California schools into factories for left-wing political activism. They have recast the United States as an oppressor nation that must be deconstructed and subverted through politics. The curriculum’s vision statement makes this aim explicit: it presents education not as a means of achieving competency, but as a ‘tool for transformation, social, economic, and political change, and liberation.’”

Dr. Richard Land, the executive editor for The Christian Post, noted in a weekly column: “This is all so comprehensively evil and destructive it is hard to know where to begin criticism of this dangerous, divisive, retrograde cultural vandalism. The idea that a tax-supported public school system would, or could, be used to unleash this vicious cultural and spiritual poison into our young people’s consciousness is both extremely offensive and quite possibly illegal.”

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