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A Love Worth Fighting For

“What really matters in life is that we are loved by Christ and that we love Him in return. In comparison to the love of Jesus, everything else is secondary. And, without the love of Jesus, everything is useless.”

--St. John Paul II

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Detaching from Outcomes

“A man makes the most progress and merits the most grace precisely in those matters wherein he gains the greatest victories over self and most mortifies his will.”

--St. Francis de Sales

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Young Mothers Reclaiming Authentic Femininity in Phoenix!

Claire Dwyer and her family.  Claire Dwyer and her family.

In 1995, I was nearing graduation as a student at the Franciscan University with a degree in theology when I learned about the tragic impact of the radical feminist movement in Beijing, China. My father was a lobbyist at the UN conference on Women in Beijing and I remember sitting on the floor of my dorm room as he told me with great concern about their move to redefine gender. I knew this was wrong, very wrong, and I wanted to find out more about what the Church, in her wisdom, had taught about authentic femininity.

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Women of Grace Comes to Folsom, Louisiana!

folsom group 2014. Pictured from left to right: Dr. Theresa Wilfert, Vickie Adams, Regional Coordinator Brenda Dooley, Facilitator Karen Brown, and Pam Billiot

Karen Brown has been Catholic Charismatic Renewal of New Orleans (CCRNO) retreat devotee for 20 years. Karen answered the "call" to become a Women of Grace Facilitator at the 2014 CCRNO Retreat.  She recalls, "I desired to do more to share what I had experienced in my life through the Holy Spirit."   Karen’s desire and her heartfelt "yes" has certainly born the fruit of that response. The Women of Grace in attendance at this year’s CCRNO Retreat definitely agree as do all the participants from St. John's Parish. We are grateful for the faith-filled support and encouragement of Father Robert Cavalier, Pastor of St. John the Baptist's Parish  whose support is indispensable!

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Daughters of God Gather in Appleton, Wisconsin

I had the privilege of spending the weekend of February 11 in Appleton, Wisconsin at the The Dignity and Vocation of Women conference held at St. Pius X Church. It was an awesome event! Organized by Jody Lueck, over 100 women gathered together for this inaugural event. The Feminine Genius Women’s Conference is sure to have a long and lasting history if this first gathering is the standard of things to come. For me personally it was yet another reminder of the great work God is about in the hearts and minds of His daughters. He is indeed pouring out graces for restoration, renewal, and revitalization. This was not lost on the women who attended. An attitude of receptivity marked their demeanor as well as that of the women who presented and the special guests who were invited.  I was delighted to see Mercedes Wilson (Families of the Americas) whose work I so greatly admire and whom I hadn’t seen in several years. And I was so pleased to meet Jeannie Hanneman (Elizabeth Ministry International), Judith Leonard (Diocese of Wichita), Vicki Thorn (Project Rachel), Margaret Hartshorn (Hearbeat, International), and Rosemary Sullivan (Exec. Dir. National Conference of  Diocesan Vocation Directors). What powerful women in the Lord! Following is an article written in The Compass News, the diocesan newspaper of Green Bay:

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