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Women’s Leadership Can Change the World!

If you’re frustrated by the direction the world is taking, and believe women’s leadership can make a difference, Catholic Women’s Leadership Studies may be just what you’re looking for!

In partnership with Holy Apostles College and Seminary, the Women of Grace Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women is offering a first-of-its kind on-line study program for women interested in Catholic Women's Leadership Studies (CWLS). These courses, which explore the anthropology of the female person, the words and wisdom of holy women, the new evangelization, and fundamentals of virtuous leadership, are designed to raise up and train valiant women who are in search of higher education in the area of Catholic women’s leadership.

Undergraduate credit hours can be applied toward a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Graduate credit hours can be applied toward a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree with a concentration in Catholic Women's Leadership Studies.

Students who fulfill requirements for admission into Holy Apostles may enroll in the following CWLS courses which are being offered during the Fall 2018 semester which begins August 27.

PAS 551 “Towards a Catholic Understanding of Woman” explores the anthropology of the female person in light of her innate authority demonstrated through her influence, power, and effect as portrayed in Sacred Scripture, Church teaching, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the dynamic of covenant.

PAS 553 “Catholic Social Doctrine and Today’s Catholic Woman Leader” will investigate the underlying principles of Catholic Social Teaching and their basis in Scripture and Tradition in concert with the Natural Law.

The instructor for both courses will be Father Joshua Genig who serves as Associate Professor of Church History and Benedicta Leadership Institute Studies, as well as Chair of the newly established Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies concentration in Women’s Leadership Studies.

“I really enjoyed Father Joshua's entire course and I hope that God ‘opens doors’ so that women, especially young women, my daughter's age of 22, could study this. I thank God because the class really has been a catalyst for me in pursuing more of God's grace, to faithfully complete my duties and plan of life,” said student Laren Ghastin.

Students have also been very pleased with other course instructors including EWTN’s Father Mitch Pacwa and Monica M. Miller, Ph.D.

“No matter which level of endeavor a woman desires, this program will help her attain her goal, and assist her to help transform the world one woman at a time,” said Johnnette Benkovic, the founder of Women of Grace and the pioneer of Benedicta Women’s Leadership Studies. “We are delighted to move our mission forward by partnering with Holy Apostles and the expanded opportunities for women this offers. May Our Lord and Our Lady use these efforts to accomplish the will of the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Hurry! Registration for the Fall 2018 semester runs from July 16 through August 24. Speak with the Admissions team at Holy Apostles for further details., 860-632-3068.

Financial Aid is available for students who pursue the AA, BA, MA or Graduate Certificate at Holy Apostles. Please contact the Holy Apostles Financial Aid Office at 860-632-3020