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What's the Story on Pet Psychics?

MS asks: "I'm seeing more and more advertisements for pet psychics at my vet's office. Are these people for real?"

Pet psychics are just another example of the inroads the occult is making into our world. Pet psychics are the same as any other psychics except they claim that in addition to helping people, they are also able to communicate with animals (both alive and dead) and inform owners of what their pets are feeling.

I first became interested in this subject years ago when I read an article appearing in the UK's Daily Mail about a hairdresser/pet psychic named Mandy Carr, 39, who claims she can channel messages from dead pets, tell owners what their pets are "saying" and even diagnose illnesses in animals.

Carr, who was born deaf and wears two hearing aids, said she first discovered her gift at age 20 when she was cutting someone's hair and heard an unusual voice begging for a treat.

"When I realized it was my client's dog, it scared me half to death. I didn't know if I was normal or mad," she told the Mail. "I only have to look at a pet's picture and I can feel their ailments and listen to whatever they choose to tell me - which often includes telling tales on their owners."

In addition to contacting dead pets, she also claims to have diagnosed a kidney problem in a golden retriever named Nala that was the result of stress suffered after the dog's owners broke up.

Later, when Nala died, Carr said she was able to connect with the animal on the "spirit plane" to tell the owners she was okay and to predict that they would soon have a new puppy.

Carr's work is fairly typical of what I see on other pet psychic websites. For instance, a popular pet (and people) psychic named Laura Stinchfield claims to use telepathy "to have two-way conversations with alive animals, deceased animals and people and anyone who can't speak for themselves."

Snarkey & Mojo

Her website features a video from the TV show Animal Zone in which Stinchfield asks an older horse named Butterscotch if she's feeling okay and the horse tells her about a bad tooth. When the vets check her, sure enough, the horse has a bad tooth and is treated.

Because they don't know any better, the viewing audience automatically believes she has some kind of power, and she does - only it's not her own. It's demonic. Due to his superior intelligence and observation of the animal, Satan knew Butterscotch had a bad tooth and was able to feed this information to the psychic.

Regardless of how innocently and compassionately it is being presented, or for whom the service is being performed, reliance on psychic powers is always a grave offense against God.

" . . . (T)he phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect and loving fear that we owe to God alone" [Catechims #2116].

I have been a pet owner for many years and whenever one of my animals was in some kind of special need, either emotional of physical, I have always resorted to God in prayer and was never disappointed.

For instance, on November 12, 2011, I was forced to put down my cat, Cassandra, who I had for 18 years. She was a beautiful "tuxedo" cat, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. While we were keeping her on comfort meds at the end, I prayed to God for help dealing with her loss as I was very attached to this little creature.

Well, the good Lord knew that I loved tuxedo cats, and I had often told Him in prayer that when Cassie died, I would want to get two cats next time so they could be companions to one another.

The night Cassie die, I went to the vet and what do you think was in a cage in the middle of the room? Two tuxedo kittens who had been abandoned on the vet's doorstep! In spite of how heartbroken I was in that moment, I looked at the cage and said, "It's the Lord."

Cassie passed away peacefully that night, and a week later, little Snarkey and Mojo came home with me to begin our new life together.

Who needs a psychic when you can have a God like ours?

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