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Activist Exposes NEA’s Radical Agenda

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer The nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA), adopted dozens of alarming resolutions at its convention this month, including demands to impose education about sexual orientation on preschoolers and to provide children with birth control via in-school clinics without parental consent. A recent report by lawyer and long-time political activist, Phyllis Schlafly, highlights some of the more egregious resolutions adopted at the NEA’s annual convention in Washington, DC which took place over the Fourth of July weekend. As Schlafly points out, the feminist agenda is very evident in the new resolutions. “NEA resolutions include all the major feminist goals such as ‘the right to reproductive freedom’ (i.e., abortion on demand); ‘comparable worth’ (i.e., government control of wages according to feminist ideology rather than the free market); full funding for the feminist boondoggle called the Women's Educational Equity Act; and ‘the use of non-sexist language’ (i.e., censoring out all masculine words such as husband and father)." Equally alarming is the influence of the gay lobby which can be found in dozens of pro-homosexuality resolutions adopted by 2008 convention delegates. “Diversity is the code word used for pro-gay indoctrination in the classroom,” Schlafly writes. “The NEA's diversity resolution makes clear that this means teaching about ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identification,’ words that are repeated in dozens of resolutions. The NEA demands that ‘diversity-based curricula’ even be imposed on preschoolers.” The new resolutions make frequent reference to “multicultural education,” which has nothing to do with the study of different counties and cultures, Schlafly says.  “It means ‘the process of incorporating the values’ and influencing ‘behavior’ toward the NEA's version of ‘the common good,’ such as ‘reducing homophobia.’ The NEA also wants every child, regardless of age, to have “direct and confidential access (i.e., without notification to parents) to comprehensive health (i.e., including learning how to use condoms for premarital sex), social, and psychological programs and services,” Schlafly writes. They also want public schools to take over the physical and mental care of students through school clinics that provide services, diagnosis, treatment, family-planning counseling, and access to birth control methods “with instruction in their use.” Family planning clinics are called on to “provide intensive counseling.” Not surprising, the NEA opposes any other kind of education for children except public schooling. “The NEA fiercely opposes any competition for public schools, such as vouchers, tuition tax credits, parental option plans, or public support of any kind to non-public schools,” Schlafly writes. In addition, the new resolutions include strong opposition to homeschooling unless children are taught by state-licensed teachers using a state-approved curriculum. In addition, the NEA wants to bar homeschooled students from participating in any extracurricular activities in public schools even though their parents pay school taxes, Schlafly writes.  “NEA resolutions cover the waterfront of all sorts of political issues that have nothing to do with improving education for schoolchildren,” Schlafly writes, and concludes: “Will parents be silent about the radical goals of their children's teachers?”   © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly/Women of Grace.   In “The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It,” Phyllis Schlafly helps Americans learn how to combat the gravest threat to American decmocracy – the ever expanding power of judges. Available in our store at