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Baked Sale for Planned Parenthood?

43272257 - table setting with flowers and sweetsCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The total disconnect between abortion and the taking of human life could not be more apparent than in a recent bake sale for Planned Parenthood – covered by Vogue Magazine – featuring desserts that “are to die for.”

Writing for Vogue Magazine, Madeleine Luckel writes about a delicious baked sale hosted by one of New York City’s finest restaurants, Café Altro Paradiso, as if it was some kind of high-society designer fashion show. Instead, it’s to benefit America’s number one abortion provider, an organization that likes to plant itself in every slum in America in order to fulfill the dream of its founder to eliminate the “human weeds” and “reckless breeders” who never should have been born.

“ . . . [T]his won’t be your average PTA function,” Luckel gushes.

Without a hint of irony, she goes on to praise the cacio e pepe biscuits which “are to die for.”

Just before publishing the recipes for the luscious date and coconut cookies and lemon teacakes, she reminds visitors to “remember to give to Planned Parenthood, if you bake one of these treats at home.”

Seriously? If this isn’t sugar-coating the facts, what is?

How much more macabre can you get than whipping up fancy desserts for the well-heeled to benefit the slaughter of the “unfit.”

We need to do some serious praying for the women who are leading the charge for “women’s rights” these days – you know, the ones in the silly little pink hats – because they are in a deep state of denial about the procedure that has become their unofficial right-of-passage – abortion. They are unable to see the truth because they have been spoon-fed on empty rhetoric by the angry and wounded women who are leading them.

This much was pointed out by Catholic therapist, Allison Ricciardi, in the wake of the Women’s March, who called their schizophrenic messaging “dizzying.” She wondered if the rancor and hatred displayed by these women is evidence that too many of them are caught in the grips of the despair caused by the abortions they so desperately don’t want to face.

“Understanding this factor that might be underlying their rage can help us to recognize the need for prayer and mercy as we attempt to restore a culture of life and peace; a culture in which women may reclaim their honor instead of plunging from their pedestals into the dung heap of ‘equality’ that has robbed them of their inherent dignity. They deserve better than that,” Ricciardi writes.

“Arguing the issues will do little to change minds. This spirit of division truly can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.”


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