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Women of Grace® Takes Catholic Women’s Leadership Education to New Levels

holy apostles with signWomen of Grace®, a pioneer in Catholic Women’s Leadership education, has entered into a partnership with historic Holy Apostles College & Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut which will now offer certification, undergraduate and graduate credit hours in Catholic Women’s Leadership in an online format.

Benedicta Women’s Leadership Studies is a first-of-its-kind program that offers graduate credit hours that can be applied toward a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) with a concentration in Catholic Women’s Leadership Studies. Courses include an exploration of Catholic Social Doctrine, the prayer and spirituality of the Church, the anthropology of the female person in light of her innate authority in Scripture and Church history, the words and wisdom of holy women, the new evangelization, the fundamentals of virtuous leadership, and more.

These courses were carefully designed to accomplish the mission of the Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women to identify, educate, develop and train Catholic women to be active leaders and mentors of the day in accord with their state in life.

The program transitioned from St. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Orchard Lakes, Michigan to Holy Apostles after two years of discernment on how to better accommodate the women who were seeking to “change the world one woman at a time” through effective and faithful Catholic leadership.

Father Joshua D. Genig Fr. Joshua D. Genig, Ph.D

“We looked for a partner that would provide a solid theological education that was efficient and affordable for women at all stages in life. Holy Apostles College and Seminary was the perfect fit,” said Father Joshua D. Genig, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Church History and Benedicta Leadership Institute Studies Chair of the Women’s Leadership Studies Concentration (MAPS Program), who was involved with the program at St. Cyril and Methodius Seminary.

The former program only offered on-campus courses during the summer, but having access to an institution that has become a leader in distance education, has made an expanded curriculum available year-round.

“The women in this program are busy. So, with the coursework being offered online, they can study at any time, from any place in the entire world. They will also have opportunities for face-to-face formation experiences so as not to lose the personal touch,” Father added.

Holy Apostles is offering a full MAPS degree with a concentration in Women’s Leadership Studies; a certification with undergraduate or graduate credits in Women’s Leadership Studies; and a certification without credit in Women’s Leadership Studies (issued by the Benedicta Leadership Institute). For undergraduate students, an Associates degree as well as Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in Women’s Leadership Studies is available. The Benedicta Leadership Institute is also offering dual enrollment for high school women interested in beginning college course work early.

The College is offering a full MAPS degree (36 credits) with a concentration in Women’s Leadership Studies; a certification (with graduate credits) in Women’s Leadership Studies (15 credits); and a certification (without graduate credits) in Women’s Leadership Studies (12 credits). Undergraduate credit can be applied toward an Associates or Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Leadership Studies.

“No matter which level of endeavor a woman desires, this program will help her attain her goal, and assist her to help transform the world one woman at a time,” said Johnnette Benkovic, the founder of Women of Grace and the pioneer of Benedicta Women’s Leadership Studies. “We are delighted to move our mission forward by partnering with Holy Apostles and the expanded opportunities for women this offers. May Our Lord and Our Lady use these efforts to accomplish the will of the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

The College is making its first course offering in Women’s Leadership Studies available beginning August 28. Learning from the Past: Words and Wisdom of Holy Women Through the Ages (2 credits) will be taught by Father Genig. A one-week orientation in online learning and on the learning management system, Populi, begins on August 21.

“The bottom line is that the world has become chaotic and, sadly, has lost its story,” Father Genig said. “The goal of this program and, frankly, all that is done at HACS, is to bring an ordered, rich, robust theological education that transforms students into those ready and willing to give a winsome witness to a world that is dying to live!”

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