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Seven Ways to Participate in the March for Life No Matter Where You Are

Not everyone can make the long trek to Washington, DC on January 18 for the March for Life, even though millions of pro-life Americans will sincerely wish they could be there! But there is plenty that can be accomplished from afar that will not only buoy the marchers, but will promote the cause for life and make valuable reparation to God for the grave sin of abortion.

1. Make January 18 a day of prayer for the unborn. For private or group meditation, consider these beautiful prayers for the unborn composed by St. John Paul II, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, and others.

The Franciscan Conventional Fathers at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Pismo Beach, California also have a collection of prayers for the unborn.

Pray a “Rosary for Life” either before Mass or in your home. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offers these meditations for the Joyful and the Sorrowful Mysteries.  Priests for Life also offers inspiring Rosary meditations for life.

2. If you still want to march, but can’t join the March in Washington, check out this long list of local marches that might be more accessible.

3. If nothing is happening in your parish to mark the day of the March, organize something! Speak with your pastor about having a Mass said for the unborn on the 18th or to allow Eucharistic Adoration for would-be-marchers on the day of the March. The bishops provide this sample of prays that can be said during a Holy Hour for Life for the unborn. Offer the Mass and Holy Hours for the safety of the marchers, for a softening of hearts of pro-abortion lawmakers and renewed courage for those who are fighting for life on the state and federal level.

4. On the day of the March, make a donation to your local pregnancy care center of either money or necessary items such as diapers, formula, baby bottles, etc.

5. Gather some friends and visit a local abortuary to recite the rosary and ask for God’s mercy on both those who are seeking abortions and those who provide them.

6. Follow the March in spirit by tuning into EWTN which will be covering the event live all day. If your local cable company doesn’t offer EWTN, use your computer or download the EWTN app to watch.

7. Donate to the March by purchasing a March for Life Imprint t-shirt, pin, or sweatshirt at the March for Life Store.

Several years ago, Marge Fenelon, a popular blogger at the National Catholic Register, found herself unable to attend the March. Although she started off the day sulking, she quickly realized that this wasn’t helping anyone – not the marchers, the unborn, or herself!

“I put aside my self-pity, lit a candle, pulled out my rosary, set the laptop up in the dining room – the central location of our house – and ‘marched’ along with the other pro-lifers in Washington DC. I fasted, as well, as a symbol of my spiritual solidarity with those who were actually present at the event,” she wrote.

As the marchers progressed, so did her decades and chaplets. Even though she had to step out for some errands, as soon as she returned home she went back to “marching” again.

“Eventually, my spirits began to lift as I focused more on the purpose of the March and less on where I was (or wasn’t) physically. True, it’s important to show up to the March in numbers and no doubt the larger the number, the strong the voice,” she writes.

“But the voices coming from afar count, too.”

Whether you will be marching or praying, you can be a part of mission of the March for Life on January 18 - no matter where you are!

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