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Young Women of Grace in Chicago Teach Others: "Friends Forgive!"

Lizzie (L) and Betsey (R) work together to hone their message that "friends forgive!"

What better way to complete the Young Women of Grace: Embrace Your Femininity Study than by celebrating the gift of spiritual motherhood? The 13 young women from Christ the King parish in Chicago who took the course this year decided there was no better way to spend their last meeting together than by exercising this all-important feminine gift.

In conjunction with the teachings found in the 8th and final chapter of the Study, the girls in this class celebrated the beauty of friendship and forgiveness with a special craft that will be used to spread this vital message to others. Each girl made a cut-out of a person representing themselves, and decorated it with a reminder that "Friends Forgive."

“I will hang these in the school’s cafeteria and hope they will bring the message of forgiveness to many more students!” said their facilitator, Francesca Zapeda.

The last class of the year was particularly compelling because they were discussing something that is very important to seventh graders - friendship.

“The girls were discussing what is a good friend, how can they be one, and those qualities and traits of friendship as described in the Young Women of Grace guide,” Francesca said. “It was a very real and relevant topic for them, they spoke a lot and enjoyed the discussion.”

The year was fun and enriching for all, including Francesca and Lee Ann Arethas, a teacher at Christ the King who attended almost every meeting and is described by Francesca as a “God-send” who was instrumental in the success of the meetings.

It was a fitting end for a fun-filled study of authentic femininity in which these girls learned just how beautiful they are in the eyes of God.

Let us pray that their summer is safe, fun, and filled with grace!

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