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Akashic Records: A Work of Fiction

JK writes: “A friend of mine insists that there is such a thing as an Akashic Record of all of our thoughts, ideas and actions, and that it exists in a different dimension. Is this true?”

No. The only place the Akashic Records exist is in the imagination of the theosophists who concocted the idea.

For those who never heard of them, the Akashic Records (akashic is the Sanskrit word for “aether” meaning “sky” or “atmosophere”) are supposedly a “database” of every thought, word, action, idea, that ever occurred in every universe in the past, present, and the future. It stores these records from all life forms and entities, including non-humans. According to theosophists and their belief in seven planes of existence, these records are located in a non-physical plane known as the mental plane.

In other words, if you want to find out what a rhododendron was thinking just before someone hacked off one its blooms, just open up the Akashic records and you’ll find out!

How do you do that? Through meditation, of course. In this article appearing on Medium, a one-time skeptic described the experience of opening the Akashic Records as something similar to a “shift inside my mind” during a meditation session.

“My body felt weighted to the floor, but my head felt light, almost as if the top of it had been opened up, and it was expanding simultaneously in all directions. I started to see flashes images that I’d never seen before, then I heard words and phrases in a calmer and deeper version of my voice. Somehow, I knew with every fiber of my being that what I had just tapped into was not coming from me … even though the skeptical voice in my head was muttering, ‘Maybe you’re making this up’.”

The writer claims to have walked away from the session “totally changed” and feeling as if she had been handed the keys to the Universe.

Even though she admits to not believing in the Akashic Records at one point, and how a “very cursory Google search” had turned up some “low-key weird stuff,” she goes on to say that she only figured out how true it was when she experienced it, as if experience, which is subjective, has any bearing on whether or not it’s true. (Believing that we can discover truth through feelings rather than reason is known as transcendentalism.)

In addition, she goes on to cite “experts” who can attest to the Akashic Records, and who are they? The channeler/clairvoyant Edgar Cayce and Dr. Linda Howe, an investigative journalist and ufologist who is known for advocating conspiracy theories. Not exactly solid sources.

According to Pseudoscience: A Critical Encyclopedia, “Other than anecdotal eyewitness accounts, there is no evidence of the ability to astral project, the existence of other planes, or of the Akashic Record.”

Suffice to say, the Akashic Records only exist in the imagination of those who wish to believe in them and are, therefore, pure fiction.

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