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Haunted Dorm Room Story Gets the Facts Right

This story about a haunted dorm room in a Belfast college is not only true, but it’s one of the few stories of its kind to name the real culprit behind the haunting – the devil.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the story of a dorm room at Queen’s University Belfast where students reported paranormal activity ranging from flying objects and loud bangs to disturbing dreams and even the death of a student who was rumored to have been pushed out the window.

The story was told to the BBC Radio 4 podcast Uncanny by a man who identifies himself only as “Ken,” a geneticist who is now in his 60’s. Although he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he admits that he has never been able to explain the malicious spirit that haunted his room while studying at the university in the 1980s.

It began one night after he and his roommate had turned in for the night.

“My eyes were open and something caught my attention. I saw a large black sill near the desk of what I had the impression was a man. The first thing that struck me, because I was analyzing this data as much as possible, was I had never seen anything so black. It was the blackest black I had ever seen,” he told the Mail.

“At the same moment, two things happened: I could hear what could only be described as very, very loud white noise and also there was a very, very strong sense of pure, distilled evil coming from this figure. It felt like a force of nature. There was a feeling of everything that is good, everything that is called hope, had disappeared. It was complete and utter despair. I felt it coming through me in waves.”

The figure began to drift toward him and he had the feeling that the evil was directed specifically at him. “This thing wanted to do absolute harm against me,” he said.

When it came alongside his bed, he lunged at the figure and it disappeared.

Queen's University Belfast

Strangely, when he turned to his roommate, he said that he was also aware of something evil in the room but experienced it much differently.

“He had his eyes closed, he was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, he saw a point of light,” Ken described. “This point of light got larger and larger in his mind's eye. He could see the back of the head of a man. This man turned, gave him a very dirty look, then disappeared.”

Both men were left shaken by the incident and Ken admitted it was one of the most disturbing events of his life.

But it wasn’t over yet. The following night was a Friday and everyone had left for a weekend at home except for Ken. He was in his room reading a book when he heard the sound of the elevator stop on his floor. His first thought was that someone else was around for the weekend and coming to see him, but what happened next quickly changed his mind.

“At that instant, I felt the same force of evil, this time coming from my left side, which is where the lift was located. I immediately heard very loud footsteps, as if they were wearing boots with nails on the bottom, they were that loud.”

The footsteps stopped outside his room.

“And then there was this profound silence. It probably lasted a millisecond but it felt like one of the longest silences ever. And then the door started to bang. It was as if the door was being kicked, punched at both the top and the bottom at the same time. It felt as if there were multiple fists being hit against the door and it was extremely violent. I could see the door shaking.”

Believe it or not, Ken actually rushed to the door and swung it open, only to find no one there and the feeling of evil completely gone.

“I saw the lift [elevator] was stopped at the floor, so I knew I hadn't imagined the lift being somewhere else, but there was nobody. There were no lights on in any of the rooms, I knew there was nobody on the floor anyway. There was no one there.”

He later discovered that other students who stayed in the same room experienced uncanny incidents a well, such as books flying off shelves. The next year, when he was situated in another dorm room, he deliberately said nothing to the two students who were assigned to his former room and, sure enough, months later, they asked if he had experienced anything strange in the room. The new occupants reported having very dark and violent nightmares, as well as dangerous poltergeist activity such as pieces of cutlery or other sharp instruments placed on the floor alongside their beds so they would step on them when they arose.

Later, when he spoke to the long-time housekeeper of the premises, she reported that three previous residents of the room had died while at the university, one of whom was shot dead on the way to or from Mass. Another resident jumped out the window and committed suicide, although there were rumors that he had been pushed.

Being a scientist, Ken tried to explain the happenings but has never been able to do so. At the end of the podcast, and appeal was made to anyone who had experienced anything similar while occupying room 611 at Queens University Belfast.

What Ken is describing are classic indications of a demonic infestation which may have been sparked by some kind of occult activity that took place in the room. Severe cases such as this one can be remedied by an exorcism of the premises which can only be done by a priest with permission from his bishop.

As disturbing as this story is, it’s a relief to hear it told according to authentic supernatural realities, rather than the typical nonsense about deceased humans haunting the building after getting stuck trying to pass over to the “other side.” As this blog explains, the Church believes hauntings are likely the result of demonic activity, and the story of dorm room 611 makes the wisdom of that position perfectly clear.

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