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Dr. Lorraine Day's Cancer Cure

MH writes: "Do you know about the writings from Lorraine day, M.D. Orthopedic surgeon and Christian regarding alternative Health modalities? I know she does not advocate use of eastern religiously based health modalities which she views as the antichrist, but she has good arguments against modern day medicine's approach to dealing with diseases.  . . .

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Pray for Little Stephen

Typically, we are very careful about sending out requests like this one unless they come from reliable sources.  This one has been confirmed by a friend of Women of Grace® and she writes the following: 
"Hi Johnnette, Please unite in prayer for Stephen Maszczak who is a 7 year old boy that has been diagnosed a High Grade Diffuse Pontine Glioma which is a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer and is in much need of prayers for a miracle.  If you could please share with your global prayer community it would be greatly appreciated. 
I do know the family and they are also very good friends of Fr. Bill Halbing, who visited Stephen in the hospital last week and can verify it all.
Pete Maszczak, who is Stephen's grandfather, is the leader of the Refuge Music Ministry that I am a member of; and we play at the Charismatic Conferences and Tent Revivals in NJ.  I am sure you have met him over the years and remember us.  We are all devastated about this and are praying for a miracle.  On top of everything else, we also lost one of our members Tricia DiMeglio, who was Stephen's aunt and is shown in this picture, back in November. She died suddenly of a seizure. Please keep everyone in prayer. This little boy is just so precious, and it's hard to believe that he could be "taken" from us at so young an age. This website provides all the details  but basically what the doctors are saying is that this beautiful little boy only has two months to live. We believe in the miracle healing power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and are asking for everyone to storm Heaven in prayer for a miracle. Thanks so very much and blessings for your ministry.  
Blessings always,
Mary Anne"
Friends, my heart aches for this family.  I ask that you do pray for this precious little boy, Stephen, that if it is God's will, he may be healed.  If they should be asked to continue to bear this cross, I ask that the Lord would provide them with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavens that it might be embraced with the peace and joy that is beyond our understanding.

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Woman Resists Insurance Company’s Demand for Abortion

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist The insurance company of a pregnant woman suffering from an extremely aggressive form of cancer refused to cover her treatment unless she had an abortion. Thanks to the intervention of pro-life doctors and lawyers, the woman was able to keep her insurance and the baby, which was born healthy.

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