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Yoga at CURVES

curves logoMR writes: “I am careful to avoid yoga but these balance classes have been incorporated recently into our CURVES circuit. Originally, the gym manager said they were yoga. When I said I objected to yoga, she quickly changed her tune and called them "balance" classes. They seem to incorporate "tree poses" and other yoga like positions. I am wondering if you have heard about this, have some thoughts about this. All positions are standing but I am not comfortable if it is truly yoga. Any thoughts?" 

I did some checking into this for you and found that you need to be careful about the CURVES Body Balance classes. This is how these classes are described on the CURVES International website:

“Whether you’re 65 or 35, the time to practice balance is now, and you can begin, today with the brand new Body Balance class at Curves. . . You will build total body strength working your way around the circuit, and between each of the machine stations, you’ll do a single-leg balance exercise like the tree pose from yoga . . .”

Notice how they say you’ll do a balance exercise that is like yoga’s tree pose without actually saying that it is yoga.

Another write up on their site calls the workout a “low-intensity class is designed to improve balance, stability and core strength” which lasts 30 minutes and will include work on strength machines. Yoga is not mentioned.

I decided to call the headquarters to see if they have a set policy about what must be included in a Body Balance class and was told that I would have to check with local CURVES facilities.

When I did this, one shop told me they don’t do Body Balance but their Strength and Stretch class is just as good and this has yoga in it.

Another shop told me they teach Body Balance and that it includes yoga.

Suffice to say, yoga is part of the program at CURVES so members who are opposed to the practice need to be careful about the classes they take.