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The View’s Apology to VP Not Good Enough

Even though embattled View co-host, Joy Behar, privately apologized to Vice President Mike Pence for offensive comments made during a recent show about his Christian faith, because these comments were directed against all Christians, the public is demanding an on-air apology.

Fox News is reporting that during an ABC board meeting late last week, it was revealed that View co-host Joy Behar had privately apologized to Vice President Mike Pence during a tense back-and-forth about the troubling incident.

“What do you say to the tens of millions of Christians, and President Trump supporters, that your networks have so blatantly offended and ascribed hateful labels?” shareholder Justin Danhof asked ABC boss Bob Iger directly at Thursday's meeting. “Specifically, do you think, like Mrs. Hostin and Mrs. Behar, that the Christian faith is akin to a dangerous mental illness?”

Iger responded by saying, “First of all, Joy Behar apologized to Vice President Pence directly. She made a call to him and apologized, which I thought was absolutely appropriate. I happen to take exception with what she said. I don't think it was right and I was glad to hear she apologized.”

However, neither host apologized to the millions of Christians who were equally offended by the remarks which intimated that Christians were "dangerous" and "mentally ill." They offered nothing more than a half-hearted explanation for the remarks, passing them off as “just a joke.”

This only aggravated the situation more and led to the launching of a massive campaign targeting the advertisers of the show. Companies such as Clorox, Gerber, Oreo, and Home Advisor are now experiencing intense pressure to pull their advertising dollars from the show.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, which is spearheading the campaign against the show, said Behar’s call to the Vice President was a “good first step” but it’s not enough.

“It is a good first step that Joy Behar privately apologized to Vice President Pence, but it is not nearly enough. Behar and ABC need to publicly apologize for the bigoted slurs on ‘The View.’ The bigoted statements made about the Vice President's Christian faith offended hundreds of millions of Christians across the country, the largest faith group in the United States. Their apology should therefore be as public as their insult. When they do that, this whole matter will be put to rest. Until they do, we will not let up our campaign to let the world -- including their advertisers -- know of their anti-Christian bigotry.

If you want to be a part of this campaign, click here for more information.

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