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Help! My Mom is a Medium!

KB writes: "My friend's mother is a spiritist medium. The mom wants to visit (stay for a while) but my friend is afraid of having her mom over because she knows her mother is a medium and she (my friend) has children at home she wants to protect from any 'spirits' her mother has attached to her. My friend made a mistake by allowing her mom to babysit her newborn then learned that the mom 'gave' the baby some spirit gift. How can my friend remove anything given by the misguided grandma?

"How can she honor her mother (who will at some point perhaps need to live with her daughter as she ages), yet protect herself and her family?   The daughter is a practicing Catholic."

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Can Shamanism Be Compatible With Christianity?

CF writes: "Google keeps sending me this banner for Shamanic healing across the top of my e-mails. Out of curiosity, I went to look at what the newest in "new age" was offering. Can you believe (no pun intended) that the 4th bullet point says that "you won't find anything contrary to to your religious beliefs"...WOW! I bolded the actual bullet...see below. I am so sick of new age being pushed down our throats! I asked Google to stop these banners!"

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Chilling Testimony From Former Occultist

The following testimony was sent to EWTN following a Wacky Wednesday radio show. The author acknowledges that the people who believe in the powers of the occult are also the same people who disparage the Christian belief in demonic powers. But after her own experience, she now knows just how right we are!

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Faithful Demand Cancellation of Disney Cartoon Promoting Witchcraft to Children

Before Christmas, it was a book teaching children how to contact demons; now it’s a new Disney cartoon series called The Owl House that not only promotes witchcraft to children, it features a sorceress and a “friendly” demon who help a young girl fulfill her dream of becoming a witch.

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Is My Teen Involved in Witchcraft?

We have been receiving a lot of mail lately from concerned parents who have found unusual objects in their teens’ bedrooms and worry that their children might have been lured into one of the hottest trends among teens today – witchcraft. What signs should a parent look for in order to determine if their child is dabbling in the dark arts?

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Washington Post Religion Writer Admits Being an Occultist


Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t put too much stock in the mainstream media when it comes to honest reporting – the Washington Post’s elite religion writer has just revealed that she has been a life-long enthusiast of the occult and thinks all religions are "magic."

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Finding a Priest Who Understands the Occult

exorcismIn our last blog, we reported on an address by Father Francesco Bamonte, chairman of the International Association of Exorcists (IAE) who is calling for more training for seminarians and priests about the nature of evil and workings of Satan. This is a call that needs to be answered!

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