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Can Catholics Have Statues of Buddha in Their Home?

GM writes: "My mother and I got into a discussion about idolatry a few weeks ago. She seems to think that having pagan artwork in the home isn't idolatry, and I can't help but feel like it is, although the extent of it is a rendering of a buddha by my sister, and a couple buddha statues in opposite alcoves in our entryway. What is Church teaching regarding this?"

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The Link Between Essential Oils and Witchcraft: What’s the Big Deal?

SL writes: “So many of my friends are turned off to essential oils because of their link to witchcraft. I just don’t understand why it matters that witches use the same oils. What difference does that make?”

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Can I pray to St. Expedite?

St. Expeditus (WikiCommon: Piotr Rymuza)

LB writes: “Is praying a novena to this saint okay? I’ve read different things about leaving an offering of pound cake and that some people that practice voodoo pray to this saint. So that concerns me and I don’t want to invite the wrong things into my life. I know he has a huge following in Brazil, but given that I’ve read different things about this saint, I wanted to be sure. Is he not considered a true saint because there is no historical record of an actual date of death? Please advise.”

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Super Bowl Champion Relies on Wife’s Witchcraft

After winning his sixth Super Bowl, it’s safe to say that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows how to win a lot of football games. But he doesn’t rely on grueling practices and tough workouts alone. Brady says he also relies on superstitious practices gleaned from his wife’s witchcraft to get ready for big games.

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The Mystery of the “Macbeth” Curse

                                 MacBeth and the Witches (Wikicommons)

DD asks: “Is there any truth to the belief that the play, Macbeth, was once cursed by a coven of witches, which is why there are so many accidents during productions of the play?”

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