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Must-Have Book Offers Battle Plan for Families

By Claire Dwyer

It was almost immediately when I started intentionally covering my family members in prayer years ago that I realized the magnitude of participating in the power of Christ who drives out demons and destroys strongholds. “You want to play that game?” the darkness seemed to sneer, surfacing from areas I hadn’t suspected.

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What the Church Needs Most – Prayer!

An Evening of Prayer and Reparation at the Parish of All Saints in Millville, NJ

During this time of trial in our Church, everyone is suffering – priests, bishops, the laity and the abused. Although consoling words and compassionate outreach can help to soothe wounded hearts, nothing can heal the wounds of the soul like dedicated prayer, which is why this parish in Millville, New Jersey decided to put aside an evening exclusively to pray for us all.

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A Crisis, A Priest, A Marriage Saved

Just four years after we were married, my marriage was in crisis and I decided to make my husband leave. In the middle of this crisis, our friend, Fr. Tony, called to say he was coming for a visit but would be late because he had car trouble.  How could I possible host a priest during this moment of crisis?

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Massive Response to Rosary Coast to Coast

On Sunday, October 7, hundreds of thousands of Americans will gather around the country to pray through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary to heal our country and return it to holiness.

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Combat the Crisis with Prayer!

In response to all that is being revealed in the Catholic Church at this time and drawing on the resources of the new partnership between Women of Grace® at  and the Foundation for Prayer for Priests, Susan Jacobsen, New Jersey Regional Coordinator,  developed the idea of an “Evening of Prayer and Reparation to our Blessed Mother.” 

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United in Prayer: Women of Grace® and the Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women® Enter New Partnership with The Foundation of Prayer for Priests

The Foundation of Prayer for Priests and Women of Grace® and the Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women® are announcing a new partnership which will unite these apostolates in a coordinated movement of spiritual formation, enrollment, and education to deepen the understanding of spiritual motherhood of souls, especially of priests.

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Women: God’s Secret Weapon for Our Time!

                                  Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, PA

This year’s Women of Grace retreat, scheduled for July 13-15 at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA, will delve into the mysterious union of Mary and the Holy Spirit and how the fruits of this union can empower today’s woman to meet the complex challenges of our day.

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