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Outside/Inside -- What the Connection?

Have you ever noticed the connection between what is going on in your interior life and what is taking place exteriorly? Often, Our Lord uses the events and circumstances of our daily life to draw attention to a work He is doing deep within us.

Let me give you an example. Several years ago I was sitting in my family room deep in prayer. I had just meditated on a particular passage of Scripture and was earnestly seeking what the Lord was saying to me through it.

Interiorly, I was very aware of His presence and I knew He was about a work of grace. As  I waited in silence, listening for His voice with my "spiritual" ears, I seemed to hear Him tell me He was healing me of a great hurt and that He was about a work of restoration in me. He seemd to say that He was making new a certain area of my being (2 Cor. 5:17; Rev. 21:5).

Just as these words were penetrating my heart, I audibly heard a loud ripping noise that sounded like the very roof was being torn off of my house! Startled, I all but jumped off of the couch. My eyes flew open and it took a second or two to realize what was going on. I had recently hired workmen to replace the screening around my pool area and they had begun to strip away the old material at the very moment Our Lord was telling me He was making all things new!

 Tears sprang to my eyes even as I began to laugh out loud. How poignantly God was emphasizing His work! He was stripping away the debris of my woundedness and replacing it with new life -- and He had seen fit to accompany His work with sound effects to make the point!

What is happening in your life today? Is it worth a bit of reflection to see what God might be saying to you through it? Remember what Jesus tells us in Matthew's gospel, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you..." (7:7). Let's ask, seek, and find that which God is about in us today. He may well be making a very big statement!