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Prayer Requests Answered

Perhaps one of the topics we get a lot of questions about is prayer. What is Christian prayer? How do I pray? Why does it seem God doesn't answer prayer? These are all good questions, and because prayer is foundational to the spiritual life, they deserve good answers. In this blog, I am going to answer many of these questions and refer to my book. Following are my answers to your requests on prayer.

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On "Election Aftermath," Fear and Trust

We have been receiving a lot of emails from listeners and viewers who are troubled by the outcome of our recent presidential election. Concern covers the gamet from outrage to fear -- outrage at what this election means from a pro-life standpoint, and fear that the principles of President-elect Obama will lead to policies radically different from the both the Judeo-Christian ethos and the vision of America's founding fathers. It is true that the outcome of the election was an abysmal defeat for life. There is no way to caculate the advances toward a culture of death our nation can take in the next four years. And it is also true that the "talk" of the President-elect sounds as radically left as his voting record. But one thing is certain: we, who actively seek to restore a culture of life, must remain steadfast and we must remain firm. And we must continue to safeguard all that is God-honoring in the culture of our day. "Stand fast," says Sacred Scripture, and fast we must stand. But what do we about the fear part? How do we quell the growing apprehension and anxiety that underlies the tone of the emails and phone calls we are receiving?

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Catholic League Urges Bush to Act Fast on New Conscience Protection Laws

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer Catholic League president Bill Donohue is urging the Bush Administration to move quickly to put in place new regulations that protect the conscious rights of health care workers before the radical pro-abortion policies of president-elect Obama administration and Congress make it impossible for Catholic health care facilities to remain open.

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Italian Nuns Refuse to Carry Out Court-Ordered Euthanasia

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer

Last week the highest court of appeals in Italy ruled that the family of a woman who was left in a diminished state of consciousness after a car accident in 1992 can remove her food and hydration tube, thus ending her life. However, the nuns who run the hospice where the woman lives have refused to carry out the order.

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