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Dr. Wayne Dyer

  MR writes: “I have Catholic friends who really like Wayne Dyer on PBS and tell me that he believes the same as we do.  I think he is a new ager who twists the truth.  Would you do a program about the incompatibility of his work with Catholicism or share your insights about him on your blog page?  I need your help in expressing my concerns about him.”

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Neale Donald Walsch and "Conversations with God"

  Some of today’s hottest selling New Age books were written by a middle-aged man who turned to God after four divorces, countless career changes and a car wreck that left him with a broken neck. In the middle of a February night in 1992, Neale Donald Walsch picked up a pen and wrote an anguished letter to God. “What does it take to make life work?”

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The Enneagram

ES writes: “I'm enrolled in a "Catholic Adult Faith Formation" sponsored by our diocese. When I enrolled it was presented to be on the true Catholic faith "as there's so much out there that isn't true Catholic teaching". A few months into this "formation" we were introduced to the enneagram to discover our personality type because it was quoted "St. Ignatius makes it clear that to understand our personality type is the key to our spiritual growth and path" and in St. Teresa of Avila's manson, the first room is "know thy-self". I've brought up the Pontifical document cautioning that the enneagram is not to be used for "spiritual growth" with the response it is being used as "human growth" and not "spiritual growth."

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National “Yoga Machine" Sells the "Spirituality of Style"

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist A recent New York Times article documents a decline in the number of people attending yoga classes along with a rise in the number of people who are rebelling against the high-priced “yoga machine” that has overtaken the country in recent years.

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Who is Sophia?

CO writes: “I recently attended a Catholic women’s retreat.  There was a speaker there that referred to “Sophia, as the feminine face of God”.  I am a cradle Catholic and this is something I have never heard of and it made me uncomfortable for the rest of the day. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the New Testament are all masculine.  Nothing else was mentioned about this until the end of the day during a sending forth prayer ritual in which Sophia, Wisdom of God was thanked 3 times (“for your continual invitation to relationship with the Holy One, for showing yourself in our experiences today and for your presence in this circle”).  This bothered me also so I did not say the prayer aloud as we were instructed. . . 

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