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Half a Million Students Expected to Bring Their Bible to School on October 3

Thousands of Christian students from Providence Christian School and across the country will be celebrating the sixth annual “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on Thursday, October 3, with the hopes of empowering students to express their beliefs in school and to do so in a respectful way.

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Speak, Lord

September 29
"Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening."
-1 Samuel 3:9
Today’s Reflection:
When you spend time with the Lord this week, do so with the acronym ACTS in mind -- adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication. As you grow more comfortable in His Presence, be receptive to contemplation, a deeper experience of God's presence, which is a pure gift from Him to us,
but which can not be forced. Most of all, listen for that still small voice that speaks to the depths of your heart.

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Somewhere in the world

September 28

"At every moment of every day, somewhere in the world, bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus."

-Johnnette Benkovic Williams


Today’s Reflection:

What an awesome gift that Jesus is available to us every moment of every day, any where in the world. Take time today to express to the Lord your gratitude for this great gift.

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Be with us

September 27

"What could be more important than meeting Jesus Who in the Mass leaps down from heaven to be with us?

-Dr. Ronda Chervin


Today’s Reflection:

To what extent are you willing to sacrifice so that you may receive Jesus in the Eucharist more frequently?

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Lord, here I am

September 26

"After I enter the chapel I place myself in the presence of God and I say to him, 'Lord, here I am; give me whatever you wish.'"

-St. Catherine Laboure


Today’s Reflection:

Are you content to receive whatever the Lord desires to give you vs. what you want?

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French Bishops Say “No!” to IVF for Single Women & Lesbians

As French lawmakers begin debate on a controversial new law that will allow single women and lesbians to have access to assisted procreation, the French bishops are warning that this law places the desire of adults above the welfare of children.

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Man Cleared After Killing Mother Who Had Alzheimer’s

A 53-year-old man, who threw his mother off of a balcony to her death because she was suffering from Alzheimers disease was cleared of murder by a judge who said he “acted out of love” – a decision that is raising troubling new ethical questions.

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