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Bishops Respond to Failure of “Skinny” Obamacare Repeal

doctorsNow that the so-called “Skinny Repeal” of Obamacare has failed in the Senate, Bishop Frank J. Dewane of Venice, Florida, Chairman of the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, is calling upon the U.S. Congress to make certain that future proposals pursue the common good of the nation.

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What Will Charlie Gard's Case Teach Us?

42068852 - dead patient in hospital corridorCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The death of 11-month-old Charlie Gard is not the end of the story of this little boy. His short life raised awareness around the world about the shortcomings of the medical system, the importance of parental rights, and why respect for human life must remain the most important factor when determining what is the best treatment for the incurably ill.

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What Do We Dwell On?

July 31July 31

Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Priest (1491 – 1556)

While reading the life of Christ our Lord or the lives of the saints, [Ignatius] would reflect and reason with himself, ‘What if I should do what Saint Francis or Saint Dominic did?’ In this way he let his mind dwell on many thoughts.

                                                           - Luis Gonzalez about St. Ignatius

Today's Reflection:

What thoughts take up my mental ruminations? To what extent does the witness of my life reflect them?

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Precious to God

July 30July 30

Feast of St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop (380 – 450)

Why then, man, are you so worthless in your own eyes and yet so precious to God? Why render yourself such dishonor when you are honored by him?

                                                                        -St. Peter Chrysologus

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Is Loss of Religion Creating the “Snowflake” Generation?

15911947 - gorgeous smiling women isolated on white holding snowflakesCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Is bullying and over-reliance on social media really behind the increased numbers of youth suicide and drug addiction, or is the lack of religion and the higher meaning it lends to life the real culprit?

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Attention to a Sufferer

July 28July 28

The capacity to give one’s attention to a sufferer is a very rare and difficult thing; it is almost a miracle; it is a miracle. Nearly all those who think they have this capacity do not possess it. Warmth of heart, impulsiveness, pity, are not enough.

                                                                                    -Simone Weil

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NY Cheese Shop Caves to Wrath of the Faithful

(Twitter) (Twitter)

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A New York City cheese shop, which attempted to be funny by posting a sign that compared their cheese to a sex act with Mother Teresa, generated such a furious backlash from the faithful that the sign was promptly removed and an apology given.

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