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Contraception is Abortion’s “Feeder System” Says Pro Life Leader

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist Jenn Giroux, R.N., the new Executive Director of HLI America does a brilliant job of dismantling  claims made by a policy analyst from a research group linked to Planned Parenthood about the overwhelming medical, social and economic benefit of increased access to contraception. According to, the controversy involves an article written by Adam Sonfield, a senior public policy associate with the Guttmacher Institute, and published by CNN. In it, Sonfield praises a little-known provision in ObamaCare that will greatly expand access to contraception by requiring insurance companies to cover it without any out-of-pocket cost. “The result would be fewer unintended pregnancies and abortions in this country and lower costs to the health care system from problems linked to poor pre-natal care and low birth weight,” Sonfield claims. He goes on to say that this “potential” will only become a reality if health care reform is implemented in a way that heeds “the overwhelming evidence on the medical, social and economic benefit of contraception.” Unfortunately for Sonfield, there is no such “overwhelming evidence,” says Jenn Giroux. In fact, the complete opposite is true, she says. “Undeniable medical evidence confirms that use of the pill increases a woman's risk and incident for Breast, Cervical, and Liver Cancer,” she writes for LifeSite. “Prior to the pill and the widespread use of contraception there were known to be five sexually transmitted diseases. Today there are more than 30.” She goes on to ask if there will be free treatment for the 50+ million infected Americans who are infected with incurable genital herpes. “And what about the health of unsuspecting young girls who now use hormonal contraceptives for a minimum of four years prior to their first full term pregnancy?” she asks. “Is it also a "health benefit" that according to the Guttmacher Institute they will have a 52 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer (Mayo Clinic Proceedings)? I think not.” On the social end, it’s also clear that those who receive earlier access to contraception have sex sooner. “Had Mr. Sonfield not cited only selected research from his employer, he would have disclosed that Guttmacher's own research confirms that 60 percent of women have abortions because of failed contraception. Therefore, always and without exception, increased contraception means increased abortions. Contraception is abortion's feeder system - and Gutmacher, Planned Parenthood, and Obama know that.” To further prove contraception’s dismal history she cites a recent report by researchers at the Wharton School of Business which found that today’s mothers are more unhappy than ever before. It states: "If the pill made motherhood ‘better,' then one would expect that mothers would be happier now than they were in 1972, before the birth rate fell dramatically as contraception use expanded. Instead, as, between 1972 and 2006, the happiness of U.S. mothers fell just as dramatically." "This helps identify the widespread 'post contraceptive regret' that is felt in the hearts of women across America who mourn the children that God intended for them yet they knowingly prevented or aborted,” Giroux writes. She concludes by calling for the Guttmacher Institute to be held accountable to taxpayers “for the straight facts.” “Women and young girls should not be misled into a lifestyle of contraception that carries more medical costs and emotional pain than the benefits its purports to bestow. It is time that the focus once again be placed on America's greatest resource: children.” © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®