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Another Sex Scandal, Another Wake-Up Call

Another sex scandal has rocked our world and as Penn State tries to pick up the pieces of its badly tarnished reputation, it's time for our nation to make up its mind about what kind of sexual boundaries we want to erect around our children. 

When it comes to children and sex, we are a schizophrenic nation. One of the most popular television shows on TLC is Toddlers & Tiaras, a show which features three year-olds dressed up like hookers. How many little girls need to be kidnapped, raped and murdered before we wake up to the fact that parading little girls in grown up apparel around a stage isn't "cute" to a pedophile - it's "eye candy." This is why, according to law enforcement, the photos of these beauty queens, such as the slain six year-old JonBonet Ramsey, are often found among the "collections" of pedophiles.

But it doesn't stop with toddlers. Thong underwear and push-up bras for nine year-olds are all the rage these days. Even the monumental French Vogue magazine featured two spreads in the last year of semi-naked ten year-olds in make-up and bouffant hairdos displayed in provocative poses. The only good thing that came out of those fiascos is that a few members of the secular media finally woke up and admitted that such displays are probably encouraging pedophilia.

You think? We live in a nation where more than seventeen percent of women have survived either a completed or attempted rape - with more than 21 percent of that number being younger than 12 years.

The raping of young boys is also becoming a sad fact of life, but it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. In August of this year, a group of prominent academics from some of the nation's top universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins met in Baltimore to discuss how to remove pedophilia from the American Psychological Association's list of disorders. Not all pedophiles are criminals, they claim. One of the academics who participated in this conference believes there's such a thing as a law-abiding pedophile and another openly opposes sex offender notification laws. 

But the promotion of pedophilia in academia is nothing new. It's been going on for decades. Consider the nation's founding father of the movement to normalize sex with children - Indiana University's depraved professor Alfred Kinsey. The University's Kinsey Institute is still promoting his ideology that people are "sexual from womb to tomb."

This same ideology is incorporated into the nation's sex education curriculum which was designed almost exclusively by Kinsey cohorts.  A nation that force-feeds its children on graphic sex ed beginning in kindergarten can hardly be surprised about sexual "improprieties" taking place in schools. After all, this is where they're learning about the birds and bees these days.

The question remains, if we're so outraged, why are we putting up with all this stuff? We should demand that TLC stop exploiting our children under the guise of "entertainment." Editors of magazines and designers of clothing lines who "push the envelope" of acceptable boundaries should be fired and their products never purchased under any condition. Those universities whose professors are advocating for pedophilia should be blacklisted until they stop calling this behavior "academic freedom" instead of the perversion that it is. And it should be mandatory in all schools that parents are permitted to review all sex education materials and to opt their children out of any classes they deem unacceptable. Any school board that denies these rights should be voted out of office and more reasonable and morally upstanding people elected in their place.

Unless we're willing to take a few serious steps, radical elements in our society will continue to desensitize the public to these gross violations of sexual boundaries. Each scandal is a wake-up call, pointing at who we are becoming as a nation, and every time we turn a blind eye to premarital sex, cohabitation, homosexuality, pedophilia, graphic sex education, pornography and other forms of indecent entertainment we contribute to the moral destruction of our nation.

The time has come to do whatever we can to reverse this downward spiral.

We need to do it for the children.

We need to do it because no one else will. 

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