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Abandoning the My-Body-My-Choice Mantra

While addressing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's new edict to coerce women into breastfeeding, a prominent pro-life scientist says the pro-abortion crowd appears to be abandoning it's favorite "My Body, My Choice" mantra.

In an article appearing on Catholic Lane, Dr. Gerard Nadal, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and serves as the Science and Health Education Policy Advisor for the Bioethics Defense Fund, says Mayor Bloomberg's recent edict banishing baby formula to locked cabinets in New York City hospitals reveals the duplicity in the pro-abortion movement's claims to be defending a woman's right to make her own bodily choices. 

"Whatever happened to 'Choice?' Specifically, 'My body, my choice'?" Nadal asks.

While Bloomberg’s actions could easily be written off as "the obsessive eccentricities of a daffy billionaire" who is famous for policing the plates of New Yorkers for everything from too much salt to over-sized soft drinks, "this would be a mistaken assessment," Nadal says.

"The truth is that Bloomberg’s actions comport with the broader agenda of his political party as the nation hurtles toward nationalized health care, complete with rationing systems set in place."

He reminds us that the U.S. government is broke to the tune of $15 trillion in debt. A nation in that kind of shape, when charged with paying for health care, has no choice but to ration services.

If this sounds too paranoid to some, consider a recent conversation Nadal had with Reggie Littlejohn, the woman who founded and runs Women's Rights Without Frontiers, an organization the fights China's one-child policy, forced abortions and forced sterilizations. At dinner, he asked Reggie to help him understand why a nation like China, that wants so badly to become a world superpower, could possibly think such policies were in its best interests. 

Littlejohn replied: “If the government can control your body, your fertility, they can control every aspect of your life. It’s a tool of totalitarian control.”

"I couldn’t help but remember those words as I read of Bloomberg’s newest mechanism of control," Nadal writes. "Voluntary on the part of hospitals, for now, but coercive for patients. These same democrats who would apply coercive pressure on mothers to have their babies continue to feed from their bodies post-partum are the same democrats who support killing the child for doing the same while in utero, if that’s the mother’s desire."

The lesson here is that "the only bodily autonomy that is absolutely sacrosanct is an act of autonomy that kills the baby," Nadal surmises.

"In the not-too-distant future we may well see women being coerced into eugenic abortions by a government unwilling to pay the bills for anything less than a perfectly healthy baby, which is probably why the Democrats couldn’t even get behind legislation aimed at preventing little girls from being aborted for simply being little girls. It would be an unwelcome precedent and a future encumbrance."

If there is any ray of hope in all of this, he says, it's the fact that the Democrats have finally given up on their mantra, "My body, my choice."

"It always did ring hollow," he says.

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