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Republican Platform Calls for Crackdown on Porn

In addition to holding firm on Christian and conservative principals, the Republican party platform is also calling for a crackdown on pornography involving adults as well as children.

Patrick Trueman

According to a press release from Morality in Media (MIM), an anti-pornography advocacy group, they are welcoming a change in the Republican Party Platform which calls for the targeting of illegal adult pornography in addition to child pornography.

The new language replaces previous platform wording, which only opposed child pornography.  It will now read,  “Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.” 

“Distribution of obscene or hardcore pornography on the Internet is a violation of current federal law,” explained Patrick A. Trueman, president of MIM.  “Yet, most children in America have free access to obscene pornography as soon as they learn how to use a computer.  The average age of first exposure to obscene Internet pornography is now eleven.” 

Trueman noted that current federal obscenity laws not only prohibit distribution of hardcore pornography on the Internet but also on hotel/motel TV, on cable/satellite TV, and in retail shops.

MIM research shows that American families are suffering in the current pandemic of porn that is flooding the culture - on television, in movies, on the Internet, and easily accessible on  smart phones and iPad devices. This has resulted in both adults and children developing life-long addictions to pornography which have a devastating impact on individuals as well as families.

"On average four out of five 16 year-olds now regularly access pornography online," MIM reports. "Fifty-six percent of divorces cite Internet pornography as a major factor in the breakup of the marriage; girls consuming pornography are several times more likely to engage in group sex than those who do not; significant and growing numbers of men in their twenties are developing 'porn-induced sexual dysfunction'.”

Even worse, is that pornography addictions are progressive, meaning they get worse over time, which means today's addict will soon be craving ever more prurient material.

"There is a very substantial increase in demand for child pornography because many adult-porn users are finding that they are no longer excited by adult images," MIM reports.

In 2010, Morality In Media initiated The War On Illegal Pornography coalition, a program to get federal laws on adult pornography vigorously enforced. This came after repeated attempts to influence the U. S. Department of Justice to enforce existing obscenity laws, which were passed by Congress and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. MIM’s broad, bipartisan coalition of 127 national, state and local groups has gained the support of nearly half of the U.S. Senate and many members of the House. 

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