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Unexpectedly Pregnant at 42

woman with babyA woman known only as "Nancy" has written a gripping testimony about the deeply personal struggle she and her husband went through when they found out she was pregnant at the age of 42.

According to National Right to Life News (NRL), Nancy's story was originally published at and describes a woman who was married and already raising two daughters when she found out she was pregnant.

Her first reaction was denial. "This cannot be happening."

But it was.

Being a woman of faith, she described herself as believing "that God has a plan, and it usually works out if we just ride with it. In rare moments I can imagine this will all be okay, that I’ll be able to handle three children and even like it. But most of the time I want to scream, What kind of sick joke is God playing on me? I’m a weary mother of two with a high-pressure job and a house that’s falling apart! I can’t raise another child.”

She recounts a conversation she had with her husband at three o'clock in the morning when they decided to abort the child.

"We talk for two hours, and the next morning we both feel relieved. Abortion, as awful as it is, feels like the right thing to do. Neither of us wants another child or feels equipped to deal with one, let alone what would be our first infant. More important, we both feel we have our family — these two girls are our babies, and we will never love anyone more. A biological child feels like an intrusion, a strange add-on to a beautiful family. The window of opportunity for more children is gone. We’re done.”

But she had questions about the procedure and decided to do some homework first.

“If I’m going to have an abortion, I have to learn something from the experience. I can’t just look at this pregnancy as a mistake.”

Nancy recounts how she confided in a few friends who she believed would support her decision and was surprised to learn that many of them have had abortions. While none of them told her to keep the child, they didn't "cheerlead" for abortion either.

Eventually, Nancy admits that she's only 75 percent sure that she wants to go through with the abortion. "The other 25 percent is terrified that I’ll never forgive myself for giving the baby up, that I’ll always wonder what it would have been like. I pray for some kind of resolution. I just want a sign. We need to move on.”

One morning, as she's walking her oldest daughter to kindergarten, she realizes she's feeling better about it. “I think about another child and feel that the possibility might be there,” she writes. “After I drop her off, I end up walking all the way to work — a good 40 minutes — just to prolong the good vibe.”

She decides to put off her "termination consultation" and before long, the little baby that "looked like a grain of rice" now "has arms and a head".

Abortion was now out of the question. Nancy tells us that the day she came to this decision, she walked out into the sunshine and said to herself “I’m having another child.”

The most amazing part of this story comes at the end, when Nancy is sorting through a bag of summer clothes and packing some up for charity. One of her daughters keeps taking things out of the giveaway bag and Nancy starts to get annoyed - until the girl says something truly startling.

"But Mom, we need to save these for the baby!"

Neither she nor her husband had yet to tell the girls she was pregnant - yet somehow, they already knew.

In that moment she realizes everything is going to work out.

“Everything is going to be okay. More than okay. Blessed? I think so.”

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