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15 Year-old Held Against Her Will at Abortion Clinic

Abby Johnson Abby Johnson

According to pro-life activist Abby Johnson, a 15 year-old pregnant teen was locked in a room at an abortion clinic and police had to be called to set her free.

LiveActionNews is reporting on the story that appeared on Johnson's Facebook page. It occurred on the evening of May 16 when she received an emergency phone call from a teen whom she had been counseling. The girl's boyfriend was pressuring her to abort but her mother, who is not mentally stable, wanted her to keep the baby.

On this particular evening, the girl went to Buffalo Women's Services to have an ultrasound.  When she asked to see the results of the test, the clinic refused to show them to her.

"She decided then that they were obviously not interested in helping her and told them that she wanted to leave," Johnson explains.

"They would not allow her to leave the room she was in and locked the door. Her mom started freaking out in the waiting room demanding to see her daughter. At that point, her mother was removed from the facility."

Frantic, the girl started texting Johnson for help who, along with another prolifer, immediately called police. They arrived at the clinic shortly after the call. The prolifer arrived on the scene at the same time and the teen, whose identity is not being revealed, was released into her custody for the weekend.

As of this writing, the teen and her baby are safe.

So much for choice! As Live Action correctly points out: "This shocking story shows how far some abortion clinics will go to pressure women into having abortions."

Meanwhile, Johnson is asking for prayers for the teen and her difficult situation.

"Please be in prayer that this young girl will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as she navigates through this journey," Johnson is asking. "Also be in prayer for the local prolifers who are working with her directly. This is a difficult situation, but we know that God is in control."

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