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Planned Parenthood Defends Clinic's Abortion Award

Planned Parenthood has opted to defend itself for giving an award to a Colorado affiliate for performing a high number of abortions, a "death certificate" that shocked the world when it went viral a week ago.

LiveActionNews' Cassy Fiano is reporting on the certificate, which was awarded to the Aurora, Colorado affiliate of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and which celebrates the clinic for exceeding the number of abortion "visits" it had the previous year.

"Some people questioned whether the award was real, because how could Planned Parenthood possibly be that clueless?" Fiano wonders. "Well, wonder no longer, because Planned Parenthood has decided to speak up, confirming not only that the award is real, but defending it as well."

Using the usual talking points, Planned Parenthood's response begins by blaming "political groups with an extreme agenda" for circulating a photo of the award on social media and using it to prove the organization has abortion quotas. (It was circulated by a former Planned Parenthood clinic director.)

They go on to claim that as a nonprofit health care provider, their mission is to "provide high-quality, affordable health care and education to as many people as possible. We aim to expand access to all of our services, and we commend our dedicated, passionate staff when they succeed in reaching more people who need care."

The statement then attacks "the organizations and individuals who have spent the last week trying to gin up a controversy", claiming they have only one aim - "to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion, birth control, and sex education. That’s their stated goal, so it’s no surprise that they’re 'sickened and appalled' by the idea that more women are able to make their own decisions about pregnancy and have access to safe and legal abortion services."

They then pat themselves on the back, claiming that "nobody does more than Planned Parenthood to prevent the need for abortion" such as their "sex education" and "birth control" programs which promote the kind of promiscuity that ensures plenty of customers for their clinics.

"… So, no, we don’t have quotas. And, yes, we absolutely do celebrate our progress in ensuring that more people have access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion. And we always will."

But according to Abby Johnson, the former clinic worker who released the photo of the certificate, she has proof that the abortion giant does indeed have quotas. In fact, her clinic in Bryan, Texas, which closed in 2013, was expected to perform 1,135 abortions in 2010.

Not only that, but according to the budget statement Johnson released after Planned Parenthood issued its defense of the certificate, her clinic was told that it had to make at least $313.29 per abortion.  Johnson told the Daily Caller that this budget, “specifically for the abortion part of our facility,” sought to double the number of abortions performed in the previous fiscal year.

She also said that at the time the budget was issued, she voiced concern to her supervisor about having to double the number of abortions the next year.

"But Abby," the supervisor laughed, "abortion is how we make our money."

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