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France to Ban Reference to Mother and Father in Civil Code

In preparation for the legalization of same-sex marriage, the government of France has drafted a law that will eliminate all references to "mother" and "father" in the civil code for the term "parents" in order to accommodate same-gendered spouses.

The Telegraph is reporting that the country's faithful are incensed by a move to ban all references to mothers and fathers on official documents under new plans to legalize same-sex marriage and give equal adoption rights to homosexual and heterosexual couples.

The move sparked widespread outrage in the country, especially among French Catholics who are deeply concerned about the impending destruction of the institution of marriage in their country. They have responded by publishing a 'Prayer for France', which says: "Children should not be subjected to adults' desires and conflicts, so they can fully benefit from the love of their mother and father."

Even Pope Benedict XVI weighed in when he invited 30 French bishops to Italy to urge them to fight against the new law.

He told them: "We have there a true challenge to take on. The family that is the foundation of social life is threatened in many places, following a concept of human nature that has proven defective."

The head of the French Catholic Church Cardinal Philippe Barbarin warned followers last week that gay marriage could lead to legalized incest and polygamy in society.

He told the Christian RFC radio station: "Gay marriage would herald a complete breakdown in society. This could have innumerable consequences. Afterward they will want to create couples with three or four members. And after that, perhaps one day the taboo of incest will fall."

He added: "The first page of the bible, which says that marriage unites a man and a woman, has more force and truth, crossing cultures and centuries, than incidental or transient decisions made by a parliament. This is a choice of the government with which we do not agree."

Bishop Dominique Rey, the Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, has demanded a popular vote on gay marriage.

"A referendum must be held to allow a real debate and to make sure the government is not in the grip of the lobbies," he said. "A majority of the population agrees with the traditional view of marriage."

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